Emergency plumbing issues are common in a household but if these issues arise there will be consequences and for that, we need to call an experienced and reliable emergency plumber to fix it. In London, England this particular problem has been on the rise. So let’s check out 5 situations in which you need emergency plumbers in London.

1) Clogged drain

A clogged drain is one of the most common issues when it comes to plumbing. This is because people tend to just wash away anything down the sink or holes. Some of the most common thing that causes clogged drain are food waste, hair, leaves, oil and accidentally flushed objects. If only one drain is clogged we still can manage to use a plunger but if there are several drains clogged at once then you need an experienced plumber to deal with it. A clogged drain can lead to a backflow of water with a bad smell all over the house. Something that you need to avoid at all costs.

2) Frozen and leaking pipe

A frozen pipe will expand and in long term will cause the pipe to crack. A cracked pipe will lead to leakages. plumbers Hackney have said during winter, the frozen pipe and leaking pipe issue will increase about 20% more than usual. When frozen pipes start to melt, the crack will become visible and leakage will start to happen in an instant. Before it thaws on its own, it is better to thaw it by calling an experienced plumber to decrease the chances of pipe leakage. They know how to do it without damaging the pipe.

3) Overflowing toilet

A clogged toilet is very common and it happens all the time. The use of a plunger sometimes can solve this issue but an overflowing toilet is an invitation to call the emergency plumber in. When overflow happens you will face both the terrible waste and the disgusting smell. A common cause of overflow is a clogged pipe which can be settled using a plunger but other complex causes like blocked vents and sewage issues need you to call professionals. They can determine where the issue is coming from and solved it as soon as possible. If you are using a septic tank instead of a sewer system, this also can be an issue if it is full.

4) Water heater issue

Many problems can arise from water heaters like slow water pressure, water not being hot enough and leakage issues. Most of these issues in Essex happen during the winter season. Although winter is not very rough in Essex, plumbers in Enfield get tons of calls during this time of the year. Slow water issue and water not being hot enough is very common and can be solved immediately by plumbers but leakage is a very serious issue. It can be caused by heating elements or corrosion. This can lead to an explosion in long run. Call in the plumber immediately to solve this issue.

5) High water bills

All these issues above can lead to one major problem, high water bills. If you are using less water but keep on getting high water bills then there is some problem in your house. Although this seems normal, this could be a much bigger issue. This can be caused by a leaking pipe and this leaking pipe can turn into a burst pipe. This can finally lead to flooding which is a serious issue and cause damage to all the properties in your house. You never know what the issue is and where is it, so call a plumber immediately and let them solve this issue.


There are many issues that you can solve easily without any problems. But sometimes you need to call in plumbers to solve it like those listed above. You might know the problem but cannot identify where it started from. So call in an experienced plumber and solve all the issues now.